Xabier Erkizia



Lesaka, 1975.

Sound artist, independent researcher, artistic producer, curator and listener.
During the last 30 years he has worked on countless projects of various kinds, always around diverse phenomenologies related to listening and sonic creation.
In addition to his solo work, he has collaborated with a long list of artists and bands, oriented to experimental rock, free improvisation and electronic / concrete music. In the world of cinema and performing arts, he has worked as a sound designer for more than 100 films and shows, for which he has been awarded internationally. In 2021, he released his first feature film, entitled O GEMER (Atekaleun films). His sound installations have been exhibited at festivals, cultural centers and museums in various countries around the world.
In addition to his artistic facet, he has been curating for projects such as the ERTZ Festival de Otras Músicas (1999-2017), the sound department of the Arteleku artistic production center (2002-2014) and various programes, festivals and exhibitions.
He regularly collaborates with various media, highlighting his works for radio and articles on sound culture.
He is a member of the AUDIOLAB association.
He also works in the educational field, regularly at the EQZE zine eskola film school and frequently in collaboration with different educational centers and Universities.